July Bluum Box Overview and Itzy Ritzy Teething Happens Chewable Mom Necklace Product Review 

I received the July Bluum Box and inside three items had pink as a color in them and the fourth item and wrapping was a red shade. The presentation of the box was just beautiful and one of my first thoughts opening this was how two items inside were similar to items that had been on my Amazon baby  gift registry – the chewable teething necklace and the nursing scarf.

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Kari’s Birthday and Surprise Engagement – Throw Back Thursday 

A little over a year ago on August 6th, Matt and I were invited to our friend, Kari’s birthday party by her boyfriend, Michael. Everyone was instructed to wear white, which most people did. Michael had asked for some volunteers for a special birthday surprise for Kari and I volunteered. I had an idea what the special surprise was and I was right, he proposed to her while the volunteers sent champagne into the air.


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Meet and Greet with Dr. V, Pediatrician 

Matt and I really like my OB, Dr. G, so we wanted to find a pediatrician similar to him. Dr. G had supplied us with two names of doctors meeting this criteria with one slightly more recommended as he had been in practice longer. Last week I talked to the first doctor on the list, Dr. V, who was a great fit even over the phone. In just a few minutes I learned a lot about just how similar he and Dr. G were from having the same first name and training, to having similar views on many things to coincidentally buying homes in the same neighborhood. He invited us to come down near the end of the day on Monday where he would find 10-15 minutes to talk with us.

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The Nurisng Mother’s Companion 6th Edition – Book Review 

The Nursing Mother’s Companion 6th edition by Kathleen Huggins, RN, is the 25th edition of the book. I had purchased it from a used bookstore on our anniversary / baby moon vacation and was looking forward to reading it as I’m hoping to feed our baby through breastfeeding and pumping over formula.

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25 Weeks Size of a Head of Cauliflower (and Rutabaga)

One of the fun things Matt and I have shared during my pregnancy is finding the right vegetables and fruits for our baby’s week by week size comparison as defined by BabyCenter. Some of these have been easier than others. This week, however, we had to do a substitution and use the vegetable recommended by The Bump.

At 25 weeks pregnant, our baby is the size of a head of cauliflower, measuring about 13 1/2 inches and and weighing about 1 and 1/2 pounds. For comparison to cauliflower size, i put the vegetable near an apple and an orange, both fruits I am trying to eat more of this trimester.


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Early Morning Workouts with New Options 

As I mentioned in my post yesterday about my 24 week OB checkup Dr. G was very happy to hear about the exercising I was doing and mentioned that I was doing more than most of his pregnant patients. This made my happy as staying fit is one of my top priorities with this pregnancy. The last time I took on a major program to get into shape was for my wedding, now 14 months ago. As I did then, I now go to the gym at our apartment complex when it is very quiet.

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24 Week Checkup 

Yesterday Matt and I went to see Dr. G. As Candy was out of town, it was just us at the appointment. We were taken in early and while waiting for the doctor, Matt wanted to try to feel our baby moving around. S/he wasn’t moving at that time and was potentially sleeping.

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Wee Gallery Stroller Cards – I See – Product Review 

The Wee Gallery’s Stroller Cards featuring the I See Game were the only toy included in the Bluum Pregnancy Box that I reviewed earlier. While many products intended to be used with or for a baby would be impossible to review until the baby’s birth, I feel confident I can review this one now and will update at a later point if there are significant differences I notice when I use with baby.

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Dancing and Baseball – Throw Back Thursday 

When choosing one or more photos for Throw Back Thursday, often I’ll try to find one that happened on that day or close to it years ago. For this week I found one that happened exactly on this day four years ago, July 13, 2013. That night was a special one for many reasons including the fact that Matt and I had a night out with our mutual friend Bree. As we did from time to time then, and do much more frequently now, we took a selfie, this one outside in the Santana Row parking structure.


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Meeting with a Financial Advisor 

Matt and I have a friend, Michael, who is a Financial Advisor. I’d recently contacted him for information on a college savings plan, a 529, for our baby. He was happy to talk to us about it, and mentioned that we would not only give us options, we would get a financial review with strategies for us.  It sounded like a great idea and we looked forward to our meeting which we had on Monday.

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