William is Thirty-Three Weeks

William is getting so alert and active. He loves to reach for thing, move about and twist and turn. While we have him on the changing table, he loves to move out of reach and turn over, while grabbing for anything in sight. While I’m too busy trying to change him, sometimes with Matt’s help, when this happens, this is definitely when we have to tell him no to squirming about so.

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William is Thirty-Two Weeks Old

It always amazes me seeing how much William is growing and changing. In answer to the question below, while in some ways it seems real that he’s almost eight months old, in others it’s absolutely unbelievable. I’ve been trying to get him to learn to clap and play peek-a-boo, the former he has never done and the latter only one time, yet he already is pulling himself up by things to briefly stand.


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William is Thirty Weeks

All babies are different: some crawl sooner than others, and some don’t crawl ever – advancing straight to walking. We’ve been thinking a lot lately about crawling styles and which ones William uses and will use in the future. His Godmother, Kristi’s son, Tyler, did a commando type crawling first. William is more apt to try to push his body up with his limbs, sort of like he’s a water skipper spider.


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William is Twenty-Eight Weeks

Once again a snippet about baby’s development week is rather significant to William’s development. Right now William is for the most part being given only pureed foods. We did give him small crushed up tiny pieces from our lasagna on Mother’s Day, yet besides that we are not trying food from our plates just yet.


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