William is Twenty Weeks Old

It never fails to amaze me how fast the the time is growing with William. Even though his growing body and new expressions remind me, the time just flies by.  As friends have told us, if you blink it will seem like years have gone by and now he’s staring kindergarten. While that’s an exaggeration of course, it really is amazing how much time has elapsed.


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William is Eighteen Weeks 

I’ve heard from many people that babies do best on a schedule. One of the most important things to try and schedule is sleep. He’s not sleeping through the night yet, waking several times to breast feed, yet we did get his bed time down so now he is in bed, asleep by 8 p.m. or sooner.

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William is Seventeen Weeks Old 

It cracks me up how accurate some of the descriptions of what babies will be like at a certain stage is true for William. He is definitely a very vocal baby,
one whom you can tell if he’s happy with his smiles, giggles, screams in delight or sad with is crying, and angry screaming. It definitely does seem like we have more smiles and excited sounds from him then we have before.


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William is Sixteen Weeks – Four Months 

The description of what to expect this week is right on for William. He’s always been a baby who likes to grab out at and hold things, and he’s especially been holding his bottle when given the chance lately.


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William is 14 Weeks Old

As of today William is fourteen weeks or three and a half months old. It’s amazing how time has flown. It makes me grateful that I have had a blog to record things to go back and reflect on later. As the tips below say, he definitely is smiling more now at real live things including seeing Matt and myself.


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William is Thirteen Weeks Old 

It’s been definitely obvious that William has been exploring and learning about his world with his hands. This week’s preview reminds me to make sure he gets to use his tactile senses with skin to skin contact and a wide variety of synthetic fabrics as well.

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William is Twelve Weeks / Three Months Old 

Today William is twelve weeks or three months old. We’ve tried to read to him before this milestone and now and as the app suggests, he doesn’t always pay attention. Last week I tried to read him two books in a row, one of which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow He didn’t seem interested, in either book though as I had tried in part to give him an activity in case he was crying out of boredom. The app suggested that I should take cues from him when it’s time to read or not, and this is great advice I will follow.


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William is Eleven Weeks Old

It’s hard to believe for us that William is already eleven weeks old. We do see some of the more coordination in his movements. When turning towards something, such as a toy, or away from it, such as a hand trying to do an outfit change, it’s clear his movements are increasingly deliberate a good deal of the time more often.

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William is Ten Weeks Old 

As new parents, one of our focuses is on sleep. Does he sleep enough – according to many reports he should sleep a lot more than he does, though he is finally starting to sleep a bit more through the night. I wonder if that will change now that I’m will be at work for many hours a day as he’d prefer to get in as much breastfeeding time as he can.

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