A Toy To Encourage Walking

One of the best parts about having William go to daycare is how many different experiences he can have there. Mirabel has a house full of toys for young kids of all ages. When she asked me if she should try a baby walker with him, I of course said OK, eager to see how he would do with it.

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Countdown to William’s First Birthday

Ever since I put a date tracker on my phone, I’ve been looking forward to this day. William is exactly 100 days away from his first birthday. Though I have many, many photos of him, I used this one, of him looking at Candy at only a few weeks old with a look of intelligence and perhaps a little contemplation in his eyes.

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Two Infants in Church Nursery

One of the best parts of talking William to the nursery in church is that there is usually at least one other child to play with him. Today in service a mom and dad were there with their three kids, two of whom went to children’s ministry classes and one of whom was a baby in a stroller. At one point the baby was crying and would not stop and I remember thinking how cool it would be if they found their way over the nursery. To my delight, when I went to pick up William, it turns out they had indeed found the nursery.

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A Bit Better Already

When we took William to the doctor, yesterday, she had told us that not only was he through the worst of his cold, but she expected him to be through it quickly. We were all looking forward to him being back to healthy soon. Mirabel gave him extra love knowing he was still feeling a bit under the weather.

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William’s Doctor Visit for Diagnosis

Even though William has been very healthy so far, for which we are, of course, grateful, we did expect him to get sick from time to time. Over the last few days he’d had a stuffy nose and was even hitting himself on the side of his head. We didn’t know if he was teething, sick or was having something else going on, however, we decided it was a good idea for him to see a doctor.

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Babies and Adult Focussed Parties

A few weeks ago we’d been invited to a birthday party for a dear friend and his wife. The invitation had originally read adults only. However, as it got closer to the event, the hosts decided to open it up to children as well, so we decided to go and take William. We had thought he would be the only child younger than a toddler, however, soon after we arrived I was told to have him go say hello to the other baby there.

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Messy Mealtimes

It’s not surprising that we were given so many bibs at my baby shower. Mealtime is definitely one of the most messy parts of William’s day. As he’s learning about food tastes and textures and getting more involved in the process, his food tends to go all over the place. Here he is trying to feed himself directly with the spoon.

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Bedtime is Battle Time

I’ve read that how to get a baby to go to sleep is one of the most popular searches for parents. I can believe it as there have been many nights especially lately when it was hard to get William to go to bed. Candy has mentioned how we need to get him on a specific bedtime routine and we’ve tried including putting him in a sleepsac, singing to him and feeding him before bed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always get him to go down and sleep fast.

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A New Face at Church Nursery

As I’ve blogged before William really enjoys attending the nursery at church. We arrived a bit earlier than normal, so at first it was just us, then the first childcare provider arrived.

When the second one arrived she brought her grandson with her. He was immediately taken over to say hello to William.

I had brought some of William’s new toys. Both boys wanted to try them out.

William couldn’t wait to start playing with this boy as well.

With two young boys, the caretakers were ready to have a fun, active and noisy day.

William had a wonderful time having someone there close to his own age.

~ Danielle