Gestational Diabetes Management – Diet, Exercise and Insulin 

I’d been keeping my food diary and taking my blood sugars each day: upon waking and an hour after each meal, along with working out. Still as I saw high I numbers I was concerned and was a little nervous to send the Google document link to my Dietician so she could see my recorded values and changes in real time. I was especially nervous as she had mentioned insulin as a possibility for me depending on my numbers.

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One Touch – Ultra 2 Glucose Meter and Lancing Device – Product Review 

I’ve now been testing my blood sugar four times a day, so it seemed time to review the Ultra Touch 2 Glucose Meter and Lancing Device I am using. I did not get to select the device, it was chosen for me, and this is my only exposure to using or even seeing one up until this point.

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Happy (Early) Birthday, Mom – Throw Back Thursday 

As my mom’s birthday is coming up in two days, my Throw Back Thursday is dedicated to her. She’s a huge fan of how she looked on my wedding day (and she should be, she looked wonderful!), so I’ll use some photos of that day.  One of her passions is black and white movies, where the distraction of color does not exist and just the details and emotions shine through. I converted this photo of us in our hotel room waiting to leave for pictures and the ceremony.

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Starting the Third Trimester

Depending on which source you use, the third trimester starts at week twenty seven, which I have completed, or week twenty eight, which I am in now. In honor of having reached this milestone, it’s time to post some more bump photos. The Pacman shirt was bought years ago to attend a birthday party for our friend Jason, and the tribe of self described game needs who attend.

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28 Weeks – Our Baby the Size of a Large Eggplant 

Today our baby is 28 Weeks the size of a large eggplant at almost 15 inches long and 2 1/4 lbs in weight. There weren’t too many eggplants at the grocery store, so despite burying the largest one this probably is bit smaller than our baby is in reality.

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Invited to Be a Shepherd in Church 

One of the things I love so much about my church, Alameda Hills United Methodist Church, is how active the several children’s ministries are. The children are in the service for the first half, then leave for their ministries (divided by age into older and younger) for the rest of the time. While at the main service they play a large part in the activities like when Children’s Minister, Peggy Joy, invites them to join her when she makes announcements.

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