Sick Girl – Book Review

Amazon recommends products to me based on my buying history all the time. It had been a while since it had recommended a book for me that I felt intrigued enough to buy. The premise of “Sick Girl” a psychological book with some dark turns was enough to get me to give the Kindle version a shot. Two women, with very different lives, both have cancer. One, Aubrey, is obsessed with the other woman, Melissa’s, husband and wants to help the other’s demise speed up so she can take the other woman’s place for the rest of her life. Some reviewers said the book had an amazing twist ending, and that was the final nudge I needed to give it a chance.


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William is Twenty Five Weeks Old

These days while he seems to be growing bigger and bigger, it seems William has been babbling for weeks and weeks. I’ve definitely heard ahh, daa and similar sounds from him. I really wish I knew what he was trying to say as it seems like he truly feels like he is speaking in words to us. I may not understand, yet I always answer him back with baby talk (rarely) or real words in sentences (most often).


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Car Seat Adjustments at Church Nursery

When going places, I have to work backwards to figure out how much time I’ll need to get there on time with William. I can’t predict if he’ll be fussy or need a diaper change or something else from home, so I try to blanket in some extra time. Today took a bit longer to get out of the house, yet traffic was surprisingly light, so in the end I had plenty of time to get William to the church nursery and be on time for service.

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The Day After Staying Up Too Late

After a night in which William and I both stayed up later than normal, I had a theory that William would wake up less during the night to breastfeed and that he’d sleep in longer. While I was wrong on both counts, both he and I ended up taking long naps in the afternoon today.


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Up Way Past His Bedtime

I’ve wondered where the phrase “slept like a baby” came from. Contrary to whoever coined it, babies often don’t sleep for long periods of time without waking up, and they get overtired easily and will fuss and cry instead of sleeping as they don’t realize they are so tired and need to sleep. William’s bedtime is technically around 7:30 or so, which gives me time to hang with him a bit then try to convince him to sleep. Tonight, he was convinced he wasn’t going to do so.

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Bedtime and Middle of the Night Feeding

When we first brought William home, it was swaddling with the shower running in the background that would help him finally fall asleep at night. He was prone to being overtired, which made it too hard for him to sleep. Most of the time Matt would put him down this way, he rarely seemed to sleep when I tried, yet for the past few weeks he’s let me nurse him to sleep.

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Milk Production Ups and Downs

In two Mondays, on April 23rd, William will turn 6 months old. This is the halfway point to my goal to give him at least some breast milk each day until his first birthday. There have been days when it seemed like this would be easy and days when it seemed like this would be hard. This photo was taken from January, the month I first returned to work. These bottles each represented numerous times pumping and the one with the Snoopy sticker on it had been thawed overnight from the freezer, the sticker telling Candy to use it first.

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