William is Thirty-Two Weeks Old

It always amazes me seeing how much William is growing and changing. In answer to the question below, while in some ways it seems real that he’s almost eight months old, in others it’s absolutely unbelievable. I’ve been trying to get him to learn to clap and play peek-a-boo, the former he has never done and the latter only one time, yet he already is pulling himself up by things to briefly stand.


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Playing and Sitting at the Church Nursery

Over the last few weeks William has started sleeping in later when given the choice. For this reason I knew he’d be active for at least some of the time he was at the nursery at church. He definitely wanted to try to practice more standing and stepping.

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Decreased Milk Supply From Pumping

With William having been eating solids now for over a month, he needs less breastmilk and formula. I’d heard that breastmilk production would regulate and decrease at certain point in the breastfeeding journey. Unfortunately, this has been true for us. Despite numerous times pumping over the last day, for the first time ever I was only able to bring 5 oz total of milk to daycare. I’ve noticed a decreasing production from pumping for the last few weeks, but this was the least amount I’ve been able to pump so far.

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Quick Check Up with A New Pediatrician

William’s left eyelid had looked a little pink recently. As a baby he has razor sharp nails that need cutting often. My guess was that he had scratched his eyelid a little too hard. Still when it was red for a few days we decided to check it out. As this was not an emergency, I had to use scheduling app for his pediatrician practice to make an appointment. The practice was very busy, so we couldn’t get one right away and it was with Dr. W whom he had never seen.

As this was not a developmental checkup, they weighed him with his clothes on. Here he seems to be giving the nurse the side eye for having him on the scale while clothed.

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Grocery Store Trips in the Cart

Matt and I go grocery shopping every week on Sunday. Throughout the week sometimes Matt will go to the store to pick up a few items after getting William from daycare. Now that William is over six months old, the carts are safe for him to ride in directly. The first time he tried so was the day after William’s six month birthday,  a week ago today, and he seemed to enjoy it.

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