Like Mother, Like Son?

I’m always taking photos of my son, so much so that I have more photos of him with others and alone, then I do of him with me. So it’s a treat when I get some. This morning Maribel was taking some of him and I got into a few. I love this photo which she sent to Matt and I. He resent it to me with the text that he looks just like me in this one.


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William is Forty-Seven Weeks Old

I just cannot believe how time is passing for our son. While people who see him every week keep remarking on how big he’s getting, it still seems unreal to me how he’s growing and changing. This description cracks me up as we’ve had to say no to him a lot. He really enjoys going to things he shouldn’t including the cat’s toys, the clear panel on the under television case (most likely attracted by his reflection), the blinds, and more, he’s great at finding things he should stay away from – perhaps that’s part of their appeal that they are forbidden.

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Feeding Himself Strawberries

With William being a day away from being 10 months old, it was definitely time to give him some soft whole foods cut into baby manageable pieces. Candy tried some strawberries with him yesterday. At first he found them too tart, so she heated them up a bit to bring out their natural sugars and he liked them more. So I brought more cut up strawberries for him for daycare.

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New Shoes and Playmate at Church Nursery

I know William likes exploring every bit of the floor area at the church nursery. So it was a great day for him to be sent with his new shoes. I was able to put them on him without him fussing too much while at home and they stayed so he could show them off to the nursery teachers.

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New Shoes Adventures

I’d been told by Mirabel and Candy that it was time to get William some shoes, both to help him as he tries to walk and as sometimes he goes outside where the pavement can be rough on feet. So I headed to Buy Buy Baby so we could try some on. I was delighted to see Joyce who helped when I went to make my baby registry. I had happened to have William covered in his stroller, so I asked her to guess if I’d had a boy or girl. She guessed boy, then I uncovered him and introduced her to my son.

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William is Forty-One Weeks

One of the most amazing parts of watching a baby grow and develop has been hearing the bits of words Williams has said. His first was dadada then bababa. For this reason dada (dad/daddy) and baba (bottle) have been our prediction for what his first true word will be. 

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