FAQ – With Real Questions & Observations We’ve Receieved 

Matt has told me for weeks that I need to do a post with actual questions and observations we’ve received since announcing our news (some family and close friends were told sooner than our anniversary), so here goes starting with the most popular one.

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17 Week OB Appointment 

We knew going into our 17 week appointment that Dr. G would only be using a Doppler instead of running a full ultrasound. Still, Matt and Candy I looked forward to our visit as always. In this standard visit Dr. G brought up baby aspirin which he had mentioned as a possibility of my taking in an appointment over a month ago.

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Indigo Maternity Blue Jeans – Product Review 

Since I’ve had a tie in to our first wedding anniversary, May 15th, most of this week, I was hoping to find a maternity or baby related product to review. Upon reflection I realized I hadn’t reviewed any of the pants I’ve been wearing and with having danced with Matt to Neil Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans” as a tribute song to my late dad, this was a great time to review Indigo’s Maternity Blue Jeans. These are so many my only pair of jeans that are blue in maternity (my other two being a faded stonewashed white/very light blue and black accordingly). They are therefore, my go to pair.

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Our Wedding – Throw Back Thursday

Our wedding day was one of the happiest of our lives. In addition to living on in memories, our day lives on in the over 1000 photos our amazing photographer, Chance James took. Ironically, though we’ve now been married a year, we haven’t ordered a wedding album yet, though I did consider it as an anniversary present. There were so many wonderful images that tell our story. We were married on Monastery Beach on Carmel by the Sea. It was a beautiful and cool day.

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Sixteen Weeks – Size of an Avocado 

I switched up my blog schedule a bit this week to show my pregnancy reveal photos on our wedding anniversary Monday, the day I usually do my pregnancy week synopsis. Our baby this week is the size of an avocado and many big changes are taking place.

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Breaking Through by Grace – The Bono Story – Book Review 

For my first book review aimed at children, I’m reviewing Breaking Through by Grace – The Bono Story, a book I got at a Take a Book, Leave a Book Exchange at church. I’m a huge fan of Bono and his band, U2’s, music and charity work, and so I found a book about his faith would be an intriguing read.

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Our First Wedding Anniversary and Pregnancy Reveal Photoshoot

Today is a special day for a few reasons. One reason is that it is my one year anniversary with my husband and best friend, Matt. Another is that it is the day we chose to do our pregnancy reveal on Facebook, so many people heard our good news for the first time. Finally, in addition to revealing my pregnancy we also shared the existence of this blog with the world at large. To my new readers including those who may have come here from Facebook to see other photos from our shoot, welcome, and thanks for joining me.


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Mother’s Day as a Mother to Be 

Being that it’s my first Mother’s Day as a mother to be, I was curious how the day would be celebrated all around me. I wore my gorgeous petal necklace Candy had given me for my birthday (both as it’s one of my favorite dress up necklaces and a symbol of motherhood). My mom att need services with me. Pastor Jane had mentioned to me that there would be coursages made by the children and that I should take one after services.

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Starting Our Baby Registry 

With my mom in town for Mother’s Day weekend, Matt and I had planned for today to for today to be the day we started adding to our baby registries in earnest. Candy, my mom, Iona, and I started our day at J. Lohr Winery in San Jose so they could wine taste.

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Cotz Pure – The Healthier Sunscreen – Product Review 

I admit it, I’m one of those moms to be who researches and thinks a lot about what ingredients I put on my skin. This is one reason why I took care in choosing sunscreen. We have lots of it in several SPF choices in our house, but only one of them, Cotz Pure, The Healthier Solution with SPF of 30 was packaged as being natural and recommended by dermatologists. So this was my natural choice to wear on the South Bay Hunger Crop Walk of three miles as well as the pregnancy reveal photos we took last weekend (to be shown in a later blog entry). I actually am not the best at remembering to bring or apply enough sunscreen on a regular basis and burn easily, so this product was given a real test.  Continue reading “Cotz Pure – The Healthier Sunscreen – Product Review “