Social Occasions and Pregnancy 

In the months of my pregnancy so far there have been many parties and celebrations. This has necessitated changes to what I eat and especially drink. Ironically, the original plan for my birthday was a small party at home on the actual date, which is St. Patrick’s Day followed by a Pub Crawl in Pleasanton. I’d had so much fun last year at this I knew we had to return though I would have to forgo the beer.

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Hint Water – Product Review 

One of the most important and frequently given bits of advice to pregnant women is to drink lots of water. Many pregnant women aren’t used to drinking a lot of water, so it’s one of many adjustments to make. Company C provides many types of water and today I review Hint Water which comes in many flavors of which we get three, watermelon, blackberry and peach.

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Red Nose Day – Then & Now – Throw Back Thursday 

This year’s Throw Back Thursday is dedicated to Red Nose Day which we are celebrating today in the US. This holiday which originated in the UK in 1985, and they had their celebration last month. Three years ago this event crossed over to the United States, and while I did not know it was going on then, last year I did, as did Petra who served as Maid of Honor on my wedding day. We both proudly donned the red nose for the event, to raise awareness of and funds for children in poverty.

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Food Cravings and Forbidden Foods 

One of the pregnancy symptoms I expected to get and many have asked about involves food cravings in particular am I craving unusual things like ice cream. To my surprise, I haven’t craved many things though my one big craving has been milk and in high quantities.

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Over the Hill at Fourteen – Book Review 

Tomorrow I will be taking place in a photoshoot for Company C’s print and online advertising. This inspires the book review for this week as I revisit a favorite book of my childhood and teens to see how it holds up when read as an adult, “Over the Hill at Fourteen” by Anna Callan.

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Week 17 – Size of a Turnip 

At 17 weeks our baby is the size of a turnip – the first food item that provided a real challenge for us to find at our local grocery store. After asking a produce worker where they are and vaguely being told they were in a cooler to the left, then disappearing on us, we found what we believe is a turnip by looking up pics online. For comparison purposes I put the vegetable next to the bracelet I wore to a friend’s birthday party last night.

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FAQ – With Real Questions & Observations We’ve Receieved 

Matt has told me for weeks that I need to do a post with actual questions and observations we’ve received since announcing our news (some family and close friends were told sooner than our anniversary), so here goes starting with the most popular one.

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