Nature Bond Silicone Breast Pump – Product Review 

When I buy new products I’m often very optimistic about them working. I had shown the Amazon listing of the Nature Bond Silicone Breast Pump to my Lactation Consultant and she was not impressed with the concept and had doubts if it would even work as a pump. Still, I was determined to buy it and try it out.

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Our Apartment Complex’s Christmas Party – Then and Now 

A little over four years ago, Matt and I moved in together into the apartment complex where we still live. They have many great amenities and one of my favorites was their office parties. Due to scheduling we had until recently only been to one Christmas party and I still have this photo from it hanging on our refrigerator.

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My Very First Book of Food – Book Review 

My Very First Book of Food was given to me by Sarah, who works with and appreciates good food. Looking at just the front cover, I originally thought it would be a book about making healthy food choices, perhaps even a small cookbook of sorts.

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Our Last In Person Lactation Consultation 

On Wednesday we had our last scheduled visit with my Lactation Consultant, Donna. As I’ve been a bit producing more milk since we started, this visit was to help fine tune the progress I have been making. As always, William vocally protested the naked weigh in. He is now close to 10 lbs in weight.

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Matt’s Holiday Work Potluck 

Matt’s workplace had a potluck yesterday to  which employees could invite members of their immediate family. William and I were instructed to dress festive, so I was delighted that William still fit in his newborn Santa outfit. He unfortunately has outgrown his matching Santa hat.

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