Meeting with a Financial Advisor 

Matt and I have a friend, Michael, who is a Financial Advisor. I’d recently contacted him for information on a college savings plan, a 529, for our baby. He was happy to talk to us about it, and mentioned that we would not only give us options, we would get a financial review with strategies for us.  It sounded like a great idea and we looked forward to our meeting which we had on Monday.

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Work Pause Thrive – Book Review 

A few weeks ago the company I’m contracting at brought in Lisen Stromberg  to talk about and answer questions about her book, “Walk Pause Thrive – How To Pause For Parenthood Without Killing Your Career”. It’s always great to have an author his or her work to get a better understanding of it, so that and the subject matter gave me extra motivation to read and review this book.

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24 Weeks – Size of an Ear of Corn

This week our baby is 24 weeks, about a foot long or the size of an ear of corn. For comparison I put the corn next to one a fruit cup of mangoes, one of my favorite fruits and judging by baby’s turning in my stomach when I last had some, one of his or hers as well.

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Poolside Yoga at Our Apartment Complex

Although I’ve enjoyed yoga at work, it does require me to eat lunch an hour later than it arrives. So having done yoga hungry, despite having breakfast and snacks and having seen a flyer for weekly outside yoga at our apartment complex, I was intrigued enough to give it a try this week.


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24 Weeks Milestone – Viability 

Preganancy is full of lots of wonderful milestones. I reached one I’ve been waiting eagerly for on Friday that of 24 weeks. This day is often referred to as one of viability in that if the baby were to be born at that point there is a high chance of survival, depending on sources cited it’s 50-70%. In honor of baby’s viability today’s post features bump pictures of recent weeks.

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June Bluum Box Overview and Klorane Eye Makeup Remover Product Review 

As I’ve mentioned on my Walmart Baby Box Overview I had previously been a member of makeup monthly sample boxes. As a mom to be I’d seen many references on websites to Bluum, a company that has subscriptions of boxes for pregnancy to moms of children up to five years old. My research showed the company had changed a lot, raising the price to current $34 a month (though options for cheaper 6 month and 1 year subscriptions are offered), and though once allowing customers to choose the contents of their box, now they are selected for them (a much more common model for subscription box based companies. 

The site asks for details on gender and age of the child and from this I knew that as a result of my child being in utero I would be getting a more generic box than a parent would. As a new subscriber I had to wait a bit to get this the June box in July.

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July 4, 2014 at San Jose Giants – Throw Back Thursday

As mentioned yesterday, Candy, Matt and I have attended the San Jose Giants Game every 4th of July followed by fireworks for several years. In looking amongst my photos I was surprised by how few photos I had of us attending these events including not having one of our first game together in 2013. However, I do have one from the 2014 game. I love this moment in time captured in our faces.


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