AnnAnn Empire Scoop Neck Maternity and Nursing Top 

Items that I wanted to get for my hospital bag included one or more nursing tops. I found one on Amazon available in a few different colors that looked adorable and was very affordable as well. To determine how well this top would work for me on the go, I decided to wear it to work and my OB appointment afterwards.

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Our Engagement Photo Session in Carmel – Throw Back Thursday

Two years ago on September 20th Matt and I had our engagement session in Monterey and Carmel, two of our favorite towns. We chose to have our first setting be the Monterey Bay Aquarium one of our favorite places to enjoy together. As we discussed with our photographer, Chance James, who also photographed our wedding, we knew it would make for some amazing and unique images like this one of fish swimming above our heads.


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Breast Pump Ordering Process 

I’d heard from many people that under the Affordable Care Act, I would qualify for a free breast pump. I knew I had to have a prescription to get one and Dr. G wrote me one for an electric one at 30 weeks. I did not realize the complicated saga it would be to get my pump.

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with Love From Mom – Book Review 

Sometimes the serendipity in life cracks me up. I was looking for just the right book to review for this week, when I noticed a discussion in one of my many Facebook Mom to Be Groups that mentioned how baby books tend to be very mom focused. A few days later I received such a book in my Bluum box, which arrived yesterday just in time for me to have this to review for today. So, as it’s the newest book to find its way to me, here is a review of with Love from Mom.

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Our Baby at 34 Weeks – The Size of a Cantalope 

Today our baby is 34 weeks in gestation. This is coincidentally the week that according to my mom I made my appearance, though Matt and I are of course hoping our baby will stay put and continue growing in my womb. At 34 weeks our baby would be expected to be 4 4/4 pounds, the size of a cantaloupe, and 18 inches long. For size comparison I put a cantaloupe up to a bottle of Martinelli’s which Candy bought a few of for my shower that was last week. Matt says the cantaloupe is probably smaller than the celery we had for last week’s comparison food, and this may well be the case.

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Breastfeeding Preparation Class 

Yesterday I attended a breast feeding instruction and support class at the hospital where our baby will be born. Though I’ve read books and joined nursing forums and spoke to moms who successfully breastfed, I greatly looked forward to this three hour class taught by a lactation and feeding expert. The class was full of great information including this baby feeding hold many moms who have undergone a Caeasarean section find comfortable.

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My Last Non Stress Test (NST) with Dr. G

On Friday I went to my second NonStress Test. I was glad we were able to get in on this day at his last appointment slot. I tried hard to get it as we knew it would be the last one we would see Dr. G at for a while as he will be taking off some time for about a month.

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