Remembering Aunt Bev – Throw Back Thursday 

Two days ago my family lost someone very dear to us, Matt’s Great Aunt Beverly. Matt, I, and a few in our family knew her affectionately and simply Aunt Bev. When this Easter it was time to tell my extended family our pregnancy news, it was so great to be able to tell her and Uncle Harvey and I know she was so happy for us and looking forward to meeting our child. Cancer may have cut her life short, but today’s Throw Back Thursday is dedicated to the happy memories I have of her.

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The Ups and Downs of Gestational Diabetes

A little over a month ago I started trying to manage Gestational Diabetes through exercise, which my doctor said I was doing more than most pregnant women at already and diet. Though I tried my best to follow all the meal instructions and exercise even more by walking after meals, I couldn’t get the first blood glucose reading of the day, known as the fasting number, lower than 90. After a week Dr. G had my dietitian put me on Insulin. I was lucky in that my insurance covered the pen method, yet each pen was only good for two weeks regardless of how much was used. Still, for reasons that will become clear in a few moments,  each pen had a good deal of Insulin left over, these are my first three pens showing an increased amount of wasted Insulin in each one.

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A Taste of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul – Book Review 

After a few days of lots of heat and running around to do chores and errands, I wanted to choose a very light reading choice for my book review. Years ago a beautiful black cat who I named Inky walked into my life and changed it forever, inspiring my choice of “A Taste of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul”.

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Our Baby at 32 Weeks – The Size of Squash 

Today our baby is 32 weeks. This puts him or her at the size of a jimica according to BabyCenter or as we were unable to find one at our supermarket, a squash, at 3 3/4 pounds and 16.7 inches long. For size comparison I put the squash up to the Family license plate style picture we used in our maternity shoot.

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Maternity Shoot, Part Two -Dressy Outfits

I’d envisioned wearing a fitted white dress for the second part of my maternity shoot ever since we set a date for it. Our photographer, Rachel, had recommended Matt wear light colors, so he wore white, grey and the Panama hat he wore on our wedding day. For jewelry I wore an aquamarine heart necklace and sea inspired Pandora type charm bracelet, both presents from Matt for our first wedding anniversary.

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Maternity Shoot, Part One – Casual Outfits 

Several weeks ago Matt and I and my friend Rachel went to Carmel River State Park, one  location we had used for our engagement photos, to take my maternity photos. At first I had envisioned myself in two diffenet dresses until the day of the shoot. Ok that day I happened to find an infant sized cap which inspired me to run the idea of us wearing 49es gear for the first part of our shoot, an idea that would well giving our photos a fun and casual look.

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Tiny Beans’ Mess-Ups and Moments – Product Review 

As anyone who has read a few entries on this blog knows, I make sure to take lots of photos to document the progression of my pregnancy. I hadn’t yet bought any props to document baby growing for photos, so it was with eagerness that I spotted the Mess-Ups and Moments card pack from Tiny Beans in the Bluum box I received last week.

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