Labor and Delivery Tour 

In order to prepare for baby’s birth and my after hospital stay, I went on a tour of the general Labor and Delivery and a Birthing Suite at the hospital where I will deliver. Each mom has a room to herself with her baby (or babies if she is having multiples). The baby will room in with her. Continue reading “Labor and Delivery Tour “

Lie Still – Book Review 

I decided to not follow the old saying of not judging a book by its over when I used the cover to choose this book for today’s review. As I’ve mentioned before our local dollar store has a great collection of eclectic books and this one promising a mystery with a pregnant heroine was one I was eager to get into.

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Our Baby at 36 Weeks – Size of Romaine Lettuce Head 

Today our baby is 36 weeks along, the start of my ninth and final month of pregnancy. This puts him or her at the size of a Romaine Lettuce head at about eighteen and a half inches and six pounds in length. S/he is on track to put on about an ounce and a half daily. For a size comparison I our this week’s comparison food up to last, the pineapple.

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My First NonStress Test (NST) with Dr. E

With Dr. G still taking off some time, I had my first visit with his partner doctor, Dr. E. Dr. E’s nurse has asked where they had heard our baby last, so I showed her pics from my last visit so she could use them as a guide.

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