28 Weeks – Our Baby the Size of a Large Eggplant 

Today our baby is 28 Weeks the size of a large eggplant at almost 15 inches long and 2 1/4 lbs in weight. There weren’t too many eggplants at the grocery store, so despite burying the largest one this probably is bit smaller than our baby is in reality.

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Invited to Be a Shepherd in Church 

One of the things I love so much about my church, Alameda Hills United Methodist Church, is how active the several children’s ministries are. The children are in the service for the first half, then leave for their ministries (divided by age into older and younger) for the rest of the time. While at the main service they play a large part in the activities like when Children’s Minister, Peggy Joy, invites them to join her when she makes announcements.

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Interviewing,and Dressing Corporate While Six Months Pregnant and Beyond 

Two weeks ago I knew my the anticipated end date of my contract position was near. While at first I had expected it to be extended, I was told with a little less than a week and a half to go due to a decrease in work, my contract and others were not being renewed. So for the first time I experienced interviewing being and looking six months pregnant.

This included screening interviews with recruiters and a hiring manager via FaceTime and Google hangouts. As I typically do, I wore pearls for luck and blue and even though video can wash me out a bit in skin and hair tones, enjoyed the process.

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National Night Out and Backpack Choices by Gender

Last night I was one of many volunteers invoked with National Night Out, a free community event. While each community has different activities, our church, Almaden Hills United Methodist Church also gave out backpacks with school supplies to families with children in need.The backpack giveaway was the highlight of the evening.

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Nicholas Sparks – The Notebook – Book Review 

Even though I’d read and enjoyed Nicholas Sparks’ book “A Walk to Remember”, as well as the movie with the same title, I’d never read “The Notebook” or seen the movie, though I’d intended to do so. With the book arriving at our church’s book exchange, I decided it was the time to give this one a read.

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